Sip & Pour

Candle Workshop

September 2024

2 hours of alone time!

Need an excuse to grab a friend, sip a bevvy and find a little peace, while learning the totally rad process of making your own candle?

I heard YOU! After months of asking, I've finally decided to get you OUTTA THE HOUSE, away from the chaos, and offer you this unique experience, a chance to learn something new, and a way to connect and maybe even meet a new friend. 

Join me for Sip & Pour: A Candle Workshop

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september 2024

17000 San Pedro Ave Ste. 2101, San Antonio, TX 78232

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a night just for you

When was the last time you made time for ANYTHING other than taking care of EVERY.ONE? 

When was the last time you did something fun, you know, FOR YOURSELF? 

When was the last time you pushed yourself to try something a little out of the box, or learn something new?

Been a minute? 

You're not alone. I hear it ALL the time. Women talking about wanting to get away, even for a couple hours, just to reconnect with their friends, and themself. 


let's try something new together

Join me for

Sip & Pour

candle workshop


Price includes wine & drinks, small bites, all materials for your 10 ounce custom candle, complete instruction, raffle entry, plus 20% discount to shop

sip & pour

I'm so passionate about women prioritizing time for themselves. Time to focus on their wellness and it's not just about eating right and working out. 

I focus on holistic wellness. In other words, the WHOLE enchilada BABY!

Holistic Wellness includes:

Physical | Mental & Emotional | Spiritual  Social | Environmental 

We hear it every day. Work out. Eat right. Balance Your Hormones. Pray. Meditate. 

But, guess what else you need for complete holistic well being?



loneliness poses health risks as deadly as smoking 15 cigarettes a day

Did you know loneliness is an epidemic? Facts. 

  • Loneliness can lead to a 32% increase in the risk strokes and a 29% increase in heart disease.
  • Increased rates of hypertension and type 2 diabetes
  • Increased risk of developing a common cold.

People who engage in meaningful, productive activities they enjoy with others feel a sense of purpose and tend to live longer. it allows you to have a sense of mission and purpose in life, which is linked to better health.

-National institute on aging

how does it work? 

sip & pour candle workshop


sip & mingle

Come on in. Sip some wine (or bevvy of your  choice), grab a snack and 
make some friends!


intro to candle making

I'll dazzle you with my math and science skills and tell you how to not burn yourself with hot wax. 


pick your jar

Your first step is to pick your jar! Choose from four different super fab colors! 


Choose your scent

This is when things get fun! Pick from a variety of clean burning, fragrance options  to truly customize your candle!


make your candle

Stir, mix, pour galore! Time to make your candle! 

While your candle cures, you'll get a chance to shop, mingle with the rest of the ladies, explore the space and take photos, and have more sips & snacks, obvs.

You'll package your candle and take it with you when the nights ove! Keep it for yourself, or gift it to someone! 

Don't want to wait for it to cure, no problem! You can pick it up later!

Your sip & pour night will gift you with...

an opportunity to have some “me” time!

connect and build friendships with others attending the workshop

learn a new skill while having a little fun!

go home with a totally custom candle to burn or gift to someone!

relax, have some fun, and invest in your own self care

your host

Chasity Campbell

Earlier this year I read an article regarding the loneliness epidemic in America. It occurred to me that so many of us, myself included, are so overworked, over stimulated and exhausted from our day to day life, that the idea of doing ONE MORE THING makes us crazy.

I also know the importance of prioritizing our self care and the impact it can have on our mental health. Social and emotional self care is crucial to our overall well being. 

I was convinced after so many of you expressed interest in making your own candles, that maybe it wasn't about the candles, but about the opportunity to do something for yourself! And I couldn't ignore that! I found the perfect place to host the event, which supports another local woman owned business and Sip & Pour was born! 

I hope you'll join me for this fun and special night and view it as a way for you to invest in yourself and have a little fun! You deserve it!

Community is much more than belonging to something. It's about doing something together that makes belonging matter.